Digital Art

I enjoyed arts and crafts as a child and young adult and experimented with different mediums, but didn’t really find my niche until a friend introduced me to an online community of artists that manipulated screen shots of 3D images created in the virtual world Second Life to look like traditional artwork. I was mesmerized and captivated. Since then, I have been experimenting with digital art, photo-manipulation, and collage techniques. From figure art I moved to abstracts, and began manipulating my photos into abstract works. Eventually, I found the courage to start “from scratch,” digitally painting using basic shapes and filters available in digital software.

Most of my pieces are square, both because I like the symmetry and because the thumbnails display properly online, and they are specially designed to be printed on acrylic or metal.  I enjoy incorporating purely digital effects such as pixelation and lens flares into professional 2D wall art for display in homes, offices and galleries. My next challenge and area of study is increasing the value of digital artwork by creating limited editions. Some of my favorite inspirational artists are Wassily Kandinsky, Charley Harper, Loui Jover, and Minjae Lee.

The images below are open editions, available for a limited time as prints on Fine Art America.  These images are created specifically to be printed on acrylic or metal.

Also, I’ve been experimenting with textiles, such as scarves, leggings, and A-line dresses, and these are currently available for a limited time on Redbubble.