Digital Art

I enjoyed arts and crafts as a child and young adult and experimented with different mediums, but didn’t really find my niche until a friend introduced me to an online community of artists that manipulated screen shots of 3D images created in the virtual world Second Life to look like traditional artwork. I was mesmerized and captivated. Since then, I have been experimenting with digital art, photo-manipulation, and collage techniques. From figure art I moved to abstracts, and began manipulating my photos into abstract works. Eventually, I found the courage to start “from scratch,” digitally painting using basic shapes and filters available in digital software.

Most of my pieces are square, both because I like the symmetry and because the thumbnails display properly online, and they are specially designed to be printed on acrylic or metal.  I enjoy incorporating purely digital effects such as pixelation and lens flares into professional 2D wall art for display in homes, offices and galleries.

My current project is a series of deconstructed photo collages.



The images below are open editions, available for a limited time as prints on Fine Art America.

Also, I’ve been experimenting with textiles, such as scarves, leggings, and A-line dresses, and these are currently available along with other print options for a limited time on Redbubble.