You Get What You Pay For


Esc Mousepad, available on CafePress

Happy Labor Day everyone!

So I spent the first day of my holiday weekend recovering from a Windows update. I’m really at my wit’s end with these updates that are rolled out before being thoroughly tested. I’m supposed to be an end-user, not a beta tester.

In the Spring of this year, I lost a laptop that was only about 18 months old to a service pack that was being pushed out. I was was left with the option of either re-installing Windows 7 on that machine ($100), upgrading that laptop to Windows 8.1 ($200), or just getting a new laptop altogether ($300). Since I didn’t really know for sure if the first two options would work, I opted for the new machine.

I was so mad at Microsoft that I bought a Chromebook (Ha! That showed them!). Actually, I was pretty impressed with how much I was able to get done in Google’s web-based environment, but it wasn’t enough. I really needed the Microsoft Office Suite and I missed logging into Second Life, and these things aren’t possible on a Chromebook, so I decided to keep it as my back-up laptop and get another Windows laptop.

Things were going along fine for a few days, until I had to deal with my first, and then second Windows update…all within less than two months. Both times my graphics driver, Chrome browser, and Adobe Flash player have been corrupted to the point I had to uninstall and re-install them. The first time Gimp (which I use for digital art) crashed, and I had to re-install it (so far, so good the second time on that app). Both times I had to uninstall and do a clean install several times on Second Life until I could finally log in to the grid (yes, I now understand that a clean install includes manual deletion of all Second Life files – even in the hidden folders). Both times I’ve had to spend about an hour de-fragmenting the hard drive (did I mention this laptop is less than two months old?). Continue reading