Wherever you go, there you are.

Warning, by jennspointI spent some time this week on Google trying to find the origin of the phrase “Wherever you go, there you are.” It seems a lot of people have used the phrase throughout history, but no one remembers where it came from. Well, I first heard it from my Grandpa, so I’m going to credit him (RTG, 1894-1990).

Anyway, I think everyone who has said it had a very good point.

I remember thinking in 2002 when I enrolled in the University of Phoenix Online that all of my problems were finally over. I thought I was finally going to have the opportunity to reinvent myself, and become that confident, popular person I had always wanted to be.

You see, I’ve always dealt with a certain amount of shyness and insecurity in dealing with people face-to-face, and in speaking or performing in front of people. I’ve never been very confident about my physical appearance or my ability to hold up my end of a conversation with intelligent people because I have a hard time thinking on my feet and remembering details and facts under pressure. I’ve always been better at communicating in writing, because when doing so, I have more time to think and research what I’m going to say before I hit “send.”

When I had an opportunity to attend class online, I felt I was in heaven on earth. Although I had always been a good student before in the sense of getting good grades, I had never been great with in-class participation, or with networking or making friends with my classmates because of my social insecurities. The option to communicate mostly in writing seemed like the perfect answer to these problems. To a degree, it worked! My experience at the University of Phoenix was a good one, and I was successful. Continue reading